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Fracino Roastilino Counter Top Coffee Roaster
Fracino Roastilino Coffee Roaster
For a truly sensory experience Francino, the UK’s only manufacturer of espresso and cappuccino coffee machines, introduces award-winning Roastilino – an innovative counter top coffee roaster. The hypnotic sales tool meets
and exceeds the demands of our increasingly sophisticated coffee culture, propelling the art of espresso making
to new heights.

The revolutionary roaster is a must have for coffee bars and venues promoting their Barista’s artistry and coffee
making excellence. The roasting process is an aesthetic and sensory delight. The engineering innovation enables small quantities of green beans to be roasted on a bed of hot air in a glass chamber. Roastilino’s mesh covered vents enable the delightful and enticing aromas of freshly roasted coffee to permeate the air.

The theatrical delight sees the beans dance in the hot air while undergoing a mesmerising transformation from green to lightly roasted hazelnut – and finally to a shade of rich brown. Roastilino’s captivating experience is second to none.
Key Features
- Top quality mirror finished stainless steel that shines like polished chrome.
- Manufactured with the finest materials, latest machining methods and state-of-the-art electronic and safety components.
- Roasting process draws on fluid bed technology.
- Attractive coffee bean shaped tooling on front panel and top vents.
- Coffee bean shaped touch pad with four programmable roast times of up to 10 minutes at a temperature of 250-260c.
- Automatic cool down cycle and cosmetic fan option to enable beans to ‘dance’ without being roasted.
- Special L.E.D display for roast times countdown.
- Jug manufactured from borosilicate glass.
- Unique patented jug clamping mechanism and automatic micro switch ‘cutout’ safety feature.
- Side opening husk drawer.
The Roastilino uses a 13 amp power supply and comes with full instructions. 
roastilino.pdf (PDF — 742 KB)

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Upgraded Fracino Roastilino
Fracino Roastilino counter top coffee roaster (with temperature control feature)
Price: £1,350.00
Extraction attachment
Optinal spigot attachment for connection to extraction ducting
Price: £120.00
Special Voltage
Special voltage requirement
Price: £144.00
Roastilino Delivery
Carriage charge for Roastilino within UK
Price: £36.00