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The Coffee Bean - roastery
At The Coffee Bean, we believe that the key to excellent coffee is in the roasting....
We hand roast each coffee individually to its peak shade and flavour
We maintain profile roasting logs to record the ideal degree of roast to extract the most optimum flavour for each origin
The Coffee Bean - fresh roasted coffee beans
Our beans are cooled using only air passed over the beans. Some
roasters use water to cool their beans, which adds water weight and compromises the chemical stability of the bean. You get the benefit of a longer shelf life and you are not buying water weight!
We only roast to order – we never have beans sitting on shelves waiting to be sold
Our beans are packaged in bags with de-gassing valves to further ensure that the freshness and quality is optimal
We deliver our coffee to the customer as quickly as possible after roasting so that it can be enjoyed at its optimum freshness.
We offer a range of single origin arabica coffee which can be roasted to your specification:
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