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Fracino Piccino

Fracino improves the Piccino!

The New Piccino
In their most recent development, Fracino have modified their ever popular Piccino domestic espresso machine. The modifications come after listening to customer feedback and sees Fracino striving to make the machine as user-friendly as possible.
The main difference to note is that the twin set of rocker switches (1 on/off switch, 2 activates the group) and LED lights below have been replaced by a sleek and stylish single touch pad button. In recent months the LED lights below the rocker switches have been known to blow quite early on, so this sees an end to that problem.

What do you think?

The Coffee Bean - Fracin Piccino (tray)The Coffee Bean - Fracino Piccino (top)The Coffee Bean - Fracino Piccino (front)The Coffee Bean - Fracino Piccino Domestic Espresso MachineLet us know what you think of the new Piccino......