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The Coffee Bean Avanti by Iberital
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The Coffee Bean Avanti by Iberital

The Coffee Bean proudly presents the Avanti made by Iberital.  This small hand fill domestic machine is manufactured in Italy to very high standards. It operates from a 220-240v supply and water is supplied via a tank at the back of the machine that is filled manually. There is an inbuilt grinder that grinds fresh coffee on demand via a micro switch situated where you place the filterholder. Simply hold the filter holder against this switch and the coffee will grind automatically.

Things to do with used coffee grounds

Used coffee grounds have many uses in your home and garden. Instead of dumping them in the bin, try one of these alternatives next time you have a freshly ground coffee:
  1. Fertilizer. Add coffee grounds to indoor or outdoor plant soil.
  2. Deodorizer. Place used coffee grounds in a small bowl in your refrigerator or freezer, or put dried grounds in a sachet to absorb closet odors.
  3. Exfoliant. Rub old coffee grounds on your skin to exfoliate.
  4. Cleaner. Use coffee grounds as an abrasive cleaner on pots, pans and other stain-resistant objects.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend

The Coffee Bean now offers Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend freshly roasted coffee.  This high quality blend of arabica beans has been taste matched to the single origin Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee from the Wallenford Estate (widely regarded as one of the best coffees in the world). 
With our Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend you get the taste without the huge price tag that goes with the excellent (but rare) JBM Wallenford Estate coffee. 
With our blend selling at less than a quarter of the price but retaining the excellent Jamican Blue Mountain taste, it's a coffee you will really want to try!!


The Coffee Bean Rocket Giotto MontageThe Coffee Bean Rocket Giotto PremiumThe Coffee Bean Rocket Giotto EvoluzioneThe Coffee Bean is delighted to announce that we now sell Rocket Giotto espresso machines. Check out the Espresso at Home section for full details of these superb home machines.

Espresso Engineering

After undertaking training from the engineers at Verde Coffee in Cardiff, The Coffee Bean can now offer espresso engineering services (machine installation, servicing and repairs).  Initially I'll be offering this service locally to Aberdare so if you are a business looking to get your machine serviced and you are in the locality please get in touch!!

Coming soon......Peruvian Tunki Mayo Coffee

Named after the Tunki bird or 'cockerel of the rocks', the Tunki plantation is located high above the city of Cusco near the town of Tunquimayo in south eastern Peru. The farm is run by Quechuan and Aymara people and is a member of CECOVASA, a renowned co-operative of coffee farms run by indigenous producers. In the cup Tunki has all the best attributes of the best Peruvian coffees, a rich chocolate body coupled with a delicate, lingering floral acidity and aroma that makes for an incredibly pleasing cup of coffee.

Give the gift of coffee for Christmas!!

Christmas is coming and it's a great time to get started on making fantastic 'proper' coffee at home (if you don't already!! Check out our Christmas Nights flavoured coffee for that festive flavour! Have a look around The Coffee Bean site - there is something for everybody and every budget!

Celtic Blend

Celtic Blend Fairtrade CoffeeCeltic Blend is the new Fairtrade blend from The Coffee Bean.   It is a well balanced, slightly sweet, aromatic blend, freshly roasted and available from our website and direct from our mobile unit outside Aberdare Rugby Club on weekday mornings.

Coming Soon - Celtic Blend!

Celtic Blend Label.pdf (PDF — 144 KB)
 Celtic Blend is a new fairtrade coffee from The Coffee Bean.  It is a well balanced, slightly sweet, aromatic blend, freshly roasted and will be available soon! Watch this space!

Check out the Mypressi Twist!!

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