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Choose the Attimo for speed, efficiency and all-round value. This high volume, stainless steel machine is ideal for a wide range of venues including fast food outlets, self service operations, bars, hotels, offices and garden centre tea rooms.

Producing an 8 oz white coffee and a cappuccino in six seconds, the Attimo enhances today's fast moving life style for business and pleasure. Attimo components meet the same exacting standards as those in Fracino's award-winning commercial cappuccino and espresso machines. Fracino's reputation and experience in this specialist area is second to none. A powerful combination of world-class skills, innovative design and state of the art production methods has delighted customers for over four decades.

Fracino Attimo


A cost effective instant machine producing up to 600 drinks per hour.

Attimo / Automatic

•Pre-programmed with 20 drink options across 9 buttons with one hot water button.

Optional Polished Steel Front

Coin mechanism

•Can be purchased as an optional extra for vending. Programmable for English currency, euros or tokens. Does not give change but stores excess credit.

Key Features

•Compact design which is manufactured entirely from stainless steel.

•3 cannisters for soluble ingredients.

•User friendly one touch operation via stylish silver touch pads.

•Microprocessor control ensuring consistent quality.

•Fully programmable for cup size and drink strength with audit facility and easy to read LCD dosplay.

•Hot water dispense from boiler on demand or with pre-programmed volume.

•Efficient and easy to use cleaning cycle.

•High speed whipping system.

•Choose from mains installed or tank fill models (for use with flojet pump).

•Removable drip tray to accommodate large cups or jugs.

•8oz white coffee or cappuccino dispensed in 6 seconds.

•Choice of either brushed or highly polished stainless steel front panel.

•Easy to follow cleaning instructions inside front panel.

•13 amp power supply.

Drink Options

•Cappuccino, espresso and latte.

•Double espresso.

•White and black coffee.

•Chocolate and espressochoc.

•Hot water for tea.

•Café Crème, single and double.

•Ristretto, single and double.

•Coffee pot.


Optional Polished Steel Front

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