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Fracino Counter Top & Under Counter

Knock Out Drawers

High grade polished stainless steel knock out drawers for the used coffee grounds, designed for the espresso machine or coffee grinder to stand on. Available in two and three group and grinder sizes, the drawer is removable for easy cleaning. The robust knock out bar is fabricated from special material which will not damage the filter holders. The under counter knock out drawer comes complete with runners designed for integration into the counter or bar underneath the espresso machine.


Economy Under Grinder Knockout Drawer

Under grinder knockout drawer with sliding drawer.


Under Counter Pull Drawer

The under counter pull drawer is designed to fit neatly into a counter top. The drawer can be removed to empty the coffee dregs.

Under Counter  Upper Tilting Drawer and

Lower Sliding Drawer

The under counter tilting knock out drawer is designed to fit underneath a counter top and tilts as the handle is pulled forward. The coffee grounds, when knocked out of the filter holder, then drop into the bottom sliding drawer, which is located directly underneath the tilting drawer.


Under Counter Top Tilting Knockout Drawer


Under Counter 

Lower Sliding Knockout Drawer

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