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-group spec

Boiler capacity: 6.5L

Heating element: 2,400W

Weight: 41kg

Dimensions: W: 445 x H: 460 x D: 508mm

Per Hour

80 Cappuccinos

90 Espressos

17L of water

Cup clearences:

From group head - 138mm

From double spout - 85mm

From bottomless F/holder - 125mm

Typical take away cup heights:

7oz - 86mm

8oz - 92mm

12oz - 110mm

16oz - 135mm

20oz - 160mmThis is a great place to insert a brief description of the product you are selling. You can also share information such as "Delivery Details" and "Return Policy" with your customers in this section.

IB7 1GRP 2400W Glossy White

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