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Fracino Vesuvius water boiler from The Coffee Bean

Vesuvius is a compact, yet extremely powerful pressure boiler, designed to produce large quantities of hot water and steam. It is ideal for the busy café or tea room. Vesuvius has a specially designed hot water outlet to accommodate large tea pots and a steam tube, which can be fitted with an automatic steam frother. Vesuvius is easily installed with permanent mains connections to the water and power supply

Fracino Vesuvius

Vesuvius Key Features

•Attractive polished stainless steel case and chassis for easy cleaning.

•Brass water and steam valves.

•Copper boiler with brass end plate designed to give easy access for boiler inspections.

•Removable drip tray with separate grille for connection to a mains waste or waste reservoir.

•Rubber feet to allow under boiler cleaning and to prevent slippage on the counter top.

•Cup warmer tray.

Fracino Vesuvius water boiler from The Coffee Bean


3kw or 7kw water boiler with steam and hot water outlets.

Atlantis is a high volume hot water system designed to cope with the strenuous demands of busy tea rooms, cafes and hotels. The machine has a 19 litre boiler, giving an immediate draw off of 15 litres of hot water and produces up to 108 litres of hot water per hour – the most powerful hot water system of its kind on the market. Available with 3kw element (13 amp power supply) or 6kw element (30 amp power supply).Recently added to the range of water boilers is the 13 amp 3 kw mini water boiler. It’s the perfect addition to smaller counter areas that require instant hot water at the pull of a lever and will producing up to 30 litres of hot water per hour.

Fracino Atlantis

Fracino Atlantis water boiler from The Coffee Bean

Atlantis Key Features

•Slim-line design constructed entirely in stainless steel – chassis, case and drip tray.

•Top quality stainless steel 19 litre and 7 litre boiler.

•Water temperature and level controlled by a sealed electronic control board.

•Continuous hot water flow on 6kw version.

•Uniquely designed, durable, non-drip tap with ergonomic handle.

•Mains on/off switch and heating and filling neon indicator lights.

•Low water level and high temperature cut – out safety features.

•Time controlled cut-out prevents boiler from overfilling.

•Connection to mains water is located under the machine for neat installation and positioning flush to the wall.

•Slide in drip tray.

•Water temperature pre-set at 90°C.

•Adjustable temperature – parameters can be set between 80-95°C.

•Robust, durable and easy to service and maintain.



3kw Water Boiler

Fracino Atlantis water boiler from The Coffee Bean
Fracino Atlantis water boiler from The Coffee Bean


6kw Water Boiler


Atlantis Mini

3kw Mini Water Boiler

Fracino Atlantis Mini water boiler from The Coffee Bean
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